Spray Tanning and Teeth Whitening Services

Studio Tan

  • Come to us at our studio on Rt 1 in Saugus. 999 Broadway, Suite 300 Inside of Entyre Salon and Studio. We have a covered parking structure so no matter the weather your tan will be safe and dry!
  • Choose from any of our solution options and add-ons.
  • You will receive the exact same luxury service you've come to expect from our mobile service. Barrier cream application, blending of trouble areas, wiping the nails and toenails clean, and drying powder application are included free with all spray tans.
  • All necessary disposables are available upon request.

Mobile Tan

  • Customized to suit your skin’s undertones and your desired results, this luxury service includes a PH Balancing spray, barrier cream application, color consultation, full body airbrush tan and drying powder.

Hydration Add On

  • Contains CBD as well as rose, aloe vera, witch hazel and cucumber hydrosols.
  • Incredibly hydrating, anti-inlammatory and rich in antioxidants, this solution is perfect for those with dry skin, acne, or skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or rosacea. Also has potent anti-aging properties and helps prevent oxidation caused by spray tanning and environmental factors.
  • Can add days to the life of your tan, as well as making it more vibrant and helping it to fade more beautifully.

Contour Add On

$15- $25
  • Choose up to three areas of the body (face, decollete, breasts, arms, abs, legs, bum, back) for Mini- Contour or entire face/body for Full Contour.
  • A darker color of solution is used to shade and contour, accentuating the body's natural curves and musculature in the chosen areas. This leaves the body looking more toned, chiseled and sculpted.
  • This method can be tailored to look flattering and natural on any and all body types.
  • Lasts anywhere from three to five days with proper care.

LED Teeth Whitening

  • A 45-80 minute service consisting of three to four back-to-back 15-20 minute sessions depending on initial discoloration and desired results.
  • Hydrogen peroxide and laser LED lights are used to provide maximum whitening results far superior to traditional home whitening products.
  • Teeth can be whitened up to 10 or more shades. Results can last up to a year with proper aftercare.

Spray Tan Parties, Bridal Party Tans, and Competition Tans priced upon request.

Spray Tan Parties, Bridal Party Tans, and Competition Tans priced upon request.

Life can be complicated- getting a spray tan shouldn’t be!